All of our accommodations are fully functional and feature various size beds, a closet, a kitchen stocked with cooking supplies, a bathroom (body soap, toilet paper and towels included), an inside sitting area, an outside sitting area and various levels of access to wifi that will be noted in the descriptions below. 

You are welcome to use our onsite laundry and participate in yoga classes (either free or for a small fee depending on your type of lodging package). You can also decide if you would like to include some delicious home cooked meals prepared by our housekeeper during your stay. Below you’ll find pictures of each unit, the nightly price, as well as what styles of beds and sleeping arrangements each can accommodate.

The Abundance Studio

Sleeps 2-3 people, $90/night 

The largest of all our units, the Abundance studio faces the pool and features a king size bed, a twin size daybed, a dining table and a lounge area. This unit has the best wifi and also has a wall plug in and cord to access the internet from your laptop.

The Serenity Studio

Sleeps 1-3 people, $75/night

The Balance studio has a queen size bed and a twin size sofa bed, making it an affordable and cozy option for two friends or a small family to share.  This unit has limited wifi access, making it a great option if you have EMF (electromagnetic frequency) sensitivities. But it does have an internet cord and plug in to the wall in order to access the internet from your laptop.

The Balance Studio

Sleeps 2-4 people, $75/night

The Serenity Studio has a ladder-access bunk bed with matrimonial/full size mattresses on the top and bottom, making it a great option for two friends, a family or two couples traveling together, who want to save some money. This unit has stable wifi and a wall plug and cord to access the internet from your laptop.

The Tranquility Studio

Sleeps 1-2 people, $120/night

The Tranquility Studio is on the third floor of the Lanktuary and we only rent this apartment if you have a large group, because we love using this space for group dinners and for ourselves because of the exquisite view. The bed is a pull down queen size Murphy bed. The space also features a bathtub with a gorgeous view, a large sofa and a dining table that can accommodate 6-8 people, making it a wonderful space for a group to enjoy together. The wifi is limited up on the third floor, but we do have an internet cord and wall plug in to access the internet from your laptop if you need to. 

The Renewal Room

Sleeps 1, $40/night

The Renewal Room is our newest addition to the first floor.  And though it may be small, it is functional, cozy and comfortable. It features a Murphy twin bed, a small kitchenette with a mini fridge, sink, blender, microwave, hot plate, coffee maker, and some shelves for dishes and personal items.  There’s also a place to hang some clothes, a comfortable chair, a window with a pull down shade and a small table for personal items. This room does not have a private bathroom or shower, so you’ll be using the nearby outdoor shower in the pool rancho and the private bathroom in the pool rancho.